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Facuet Fixture and Sink Services in McAllen TX

Optimally functioning faucets and sinks are vital household fixtures that ensure proper water distribution and removal throughout your residence. You never realize how much you turn on your faucet and just how much those pipes under your sink get used until leaks and other problems develop. Luckily, there are a few basic things that can be done to help homeowners maintain their faucets and sinks and identify when problems are on the horizon. All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. offers specialized faucet, fixture and sink installation and repair services to residents in McAllen and the surrounding areas. If your current fixtures are experiencing problems or you simply want to upgrade to newer and more aesthetically pleasing units, our expert plumbing technicians are here to help. To read reviews and testimonials from other customers in your area on our professional services, click here.

How can hard water affect the quality of your faucet?

Nearly all tap water, either city-provided or drawn from a well, will have some level of mineral deposits in it. Sometimes the trace amounts of calcium, magnesium, and iron are unnoticeable, but higher amounts will create hard water, which causes damage to your faucets and will instigate a number of other problems in your home.

Over time these trace elements will build up in your faucets and sinks. If you notice an unsightly discoloration around the opening of the faucet or at its joints, it is likely that you have hard water in your home. Water dripping from a faucet can also leave stains in your sink that are extremely difficult to remove, and are essentially permanent. By the time you see any evidence of hard water outside your faucet the interior is already coated in the same crusty buildup. That coating of lime and calcium can cause severe clogging and leaks around the joints of your pipes, and is unaffected by virtually every store-bought drain cleaner. All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. offers water softener installations to help our customers avoid these problems, but if an issue is already prevalent you will likely need to have professional services performed on your faucet and sink.

When should you consider repairing or replacing your fixtures?

All faucets are different, so it can be hard to tell exactly what the problem is or how long any given faucet will last. The life of your faucet strongly depends on the model, how often it is used, and how hard the tap water is in your area. If you notice that water is not flowing from your faucet properly, it starts to develop clogs, or begins to leak at any point, it is time to contact our certified plumbing technicians for an inspection. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a worn seal that can be repaired fairly easily. However, if the issue is more severe it is usually more cost-effective to purchase a brand-new faucet.

Replacing your sink has more to do with cosmetics than anything else, since their main function is simply as a reservoir for water. Still, a hard water problem can cause unsightly stains that make your whole kitchen or bathroom look dirtier than it should, no matter how well you clean. Hard water can also cause severe damage to the pipes below your sink and may warrant the need for professional repiping services.

What are some ways to avoid leaks?

It is no coincidence that the worst leaks tend to happen at the most inopportune times. Problems occur, and existing issues worsen at times of highest use, such as during a crowded residential gathering or during inclement weather when everyone is confined indoors.

Frozen pipes is a very common issue, responsible for everything from tiny leaks to burst pipe emergencies that can cause severe floodwater damage to your residence. If you have any exposed or un-insulated pipes, purchase foam tubing from your local hardware store to wrap them up and help keep them protected during colder weather. Disconnect any outdoor garden hoses as well; if left outside, any residual water that was left over from the late summer can freeze causing issues throughout the pipes in your home. Close any other outdoor valves at the same time.

Drain your water heater when needed, especially if you have issues with hard water. The rust that builds up in your water heater can make its way throughout your entire home and cause more serious complications. If your water heater is especially old, have it replaced before the cold weather sets in.

Finally, do not ignore even the smallest leak. If your faucet continues to drip after it has been turned off it may not seem like a major issue. However, before you know it you could be facing serious floodwater damage in your home. Make a note of every potential problem with the pipes in your home and contact our trusted plumbing technicians with any questions or concerns.

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