McAllen Water Filtration System Installation & Repair Services

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Water filtration for the home is very important. Quality systems can eliminate bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, parasites, and other potentially dangerous contaminants from your drinking water. If your household water isn’t treated your family could be exposed to certain risks when bathing, drinking, and cleaning. To ensure the safety of our customers in and around McAllen the caring specialists at All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. can install a highly effective water filtration system in your residence to minimize these risks. We also offer efficient repair services in order to guarantee that only the cleanest water is entering your home.

What are the benefits of installing a water filtration system in your home?

  • Eliminates chlorine and metallic taste
  • Balances acidic water
  • Eases burden on plumbing and appliances
  • Stops discoloration
  • Corrects metallic levels
  • Removes dirt, clay, and sediment
  • Stops odors

What are the most common systems?

Water filtration systems come in different varieties that all offer various benefits for your home. Our experts can help you to choose the best system for the specific needs of you and your property..

Basic filtration systems trap contaminants in the water once they come in contact with each other. Water softener systems reduce high levels of calcium and magnesium found in the water using special pellets to aid mineral removal. UV disinfection systems use light to cleanse the water of bacteria. Reverse osmosis systems reverse the natural flow of water by directing it through a special membrane that uses special filters to eliminate unwanted particulates. Distillers heat the water and trap the vapor produced to remove both pollutants and metals. Shower filters perform in a similar manner. These systems eliminate chlorine from the showerhead. Carbon filtration systems help to remove unpleasant tastes and odors from your water and stops discoloration. In some cases, the carbon filters can even remove foreign matter. Point of entry filters treats all of your water as it enters the home.

What are some typical problems with these units?

As with any other important unit in your home water filtration systems must be properly maintained in order to prevent potential issues from developing. If serviced routinely, the systems will continue to function efficiently. Clogging and other performance issues can occur if the system is not taken care of.

Carbon filtration systems will incur problems if they are not replaced regularly, as bacteria and other harmful pollutants will accumulate quickly. Specialty filters can lose performance and cause unpleasant odors and tastes to resurface if not corrected in a timely fashion. Clogged filters are another problem. If they are replaced every 90 days, clogging is unlikely to occur. The filter pump can become damaged and may need to be replaced if water is not flowing through your system properly. Tank damage can occur as the system gets older and becomes corroded. This causes lower water pressure and disrupts normal delivery.

Water filtration systems protect against illnesses and health complications that result from drinking contaminated water. Pollutants and chemicals in regular drinking water have been linked to conditions like cancer, allergies, and even infertility. Improving the quality of your drinking water with an effective filtration system will ensure that it is free of contaminants. If the system is properly maintained, the water quality will remain consistent and safe.

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