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Proper maintenance and repair services that allow you to keep your heater, air conditioning system, and other climate control devices in exceptional working condition can reduce utility costs and spare you the expenses needed to address larger mechanical issues and breakdowns. At All Valley Plumbing & AC Co we take great pride in providing our valued customers in Alamo and the surrounding areas with a superior range of quality services and maintenance solutions. To see what your neighbors are saying about our expert services, click here.

What are typical AC problems?

While there are a seemingly endless number of reasons that your climate control equipment may not be able to function properly, our technicians are able to remedy any issues and mechanical concerns fast and effectively. A frozen evaporator coil, broken fan, lack of refrigerant, and even faulty wiring are all issues that can be quickly resolved with a service appointment. The inconvenience and discomfort experienced by households and businesses when their climate control equipment is suffering from a problem can be considerable. Arranging for professional maintenance and repair services is often the most effective way to address any problems you may be experiencing.

What is the importance of regular AC filter replacement?

The air filter used in your ventilation system is a key piece of equipment. Improving air quality by removing dust, dirt, and other airborne particulate from your system can be all but impossible when using a filter that may be long overdue for a replacement. Neglecting basic maintenance and failing to replace your filters at regular intervals can also place greater stress on compressors and other key mechanical components, resulting in a situation that can increase the risk of a breakdown or mechanical failure.

What are common heater issues?

Seemingly minor issues such as a faulty thermostat, poor airflow, unusual sounds, and inconsistent temperatures can be very difficult for property owners to correctly identify and address, especially those who have little experience working with climate control equipment and devices. Seeking the professional assistance and resources needed to restore heat to an indoor environment can spare you from suffering through a lengthy delay and ensure that your entire system is able to benefit from a professional inspection and assessment. Our technicians can allow you to more easily identify many common problems that may affect the performance and dependability of your heater.

What are simple ways to save on your heating and cooling costs?

There are several simple ways to reduce heating and cooling costs. While proper operation and maintenance of your climate control equipment can reduce operational expenses, upgrading your heater or air conditioning unit may allow you to make use of a more energy-efficient model. The installation of solar screens and extra insulation can reduce unwanted heat transfer. The use of zoned cooling equipment like ductless mini AC split systems, portable heaters, and ceiling fans can also help to reduce your monthly energy bills. Discussing your options and needs with our knowledgeable staff can provide you with a better understanding of any opportunities that may allow you to reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs.

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