McAllen Dehumidifier Services

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Dehumidifiers in McAllen TX

High levels of humidity can lead to uncomfortable conditions in your home. Excessive moisture can cause mold and mildew growth, health conditions, as well as structural damage to your property. The specialists at All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. have been assisting customers in and around McAllen for over 30 years now by professionally assessing the precise amount of humidity in a residence and offering expert solutions on how to control it. Our unparalleled dehumidifier installation, repair, and maintenance services are here to ensure that you and your family will continue to enjoy an appropriate interior climate at all times. To see what your neighbors are saying about our services, click here.

What are the benefits of whole-house dehumidifiers?

High humidity levels can be caused for a number of reasons. In many cases, in-ground basements, areas of the country that have hot and humid climates, and oversaturated grounds can cause increased humidity levels. Even excess moisture that is contained to certain areas of your home can end up spreading throughout your entire residence. A whole-house dehumidifier pulls moisture out of the air through the home’s heating and cooling system. Along with reducing unhealthy allergens and ensuring that your home’s foundation is kept intact, a whole-house dehumidifier will improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and decrease your monthly utility bills.

What are some signs that your system needs to be repaired or replaced?

Over time your dehumidifier may need repairs or eventually have to be replaced. It’s important to know when your dehumidifier isn’t functioning properly to avoid buildup of mold and mildew, and ensure that potential damage to your home is evaded. Several steps can be taken to ensure your dehumidifier is working properly. Check the water container frequently. if the level is lower than normal, your dehumidifier is not removing the proper amount of moisture from the air. Use a humidity monitor to get an accurate reading of the moisture level in your home. The monitor should read in a comfortable range without increasing or decreasing more than 5 to 10 percent. If fabrics such as clothes or towels are damp to the touch, your dehumidifier could be in need of professional service.

What are the proper ways to maintain your unit?

Maintaining your dehumidifier regularly helps it to last longer and ensures that it removes the proper amount of moisture from your home. Similar to a thermostat, dehumidifiers have a humidistat that allows you to adjust the amount of moisture that you want removed from your air. Check your humidistat and adjust it to make your home comfortable, but keep in mind that some moisture in your interior climate is still essential. It is important to make sure that the filter is changed when it is suppose to be. Consult with the manufacturer or one of our professional technicians to determine the rate at which it needs to be changed. Empty and clean the water container on a consistent basis to stop mold and mildew from forming. It is also important to note that dehumidifiers pull moisture out of the air through the return vents. Our knowledgeable technicians can perform a thorough inspection and ensure that the vents in your home are clean, and clear out any remaining dust or debris. Timely dehumidifier maintenance from our licensed professionals will ensure that you dehumidifier continues to run efficiently and produces the desired effects inside your home.

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