McAllen Heater Repair & Maintenance Services

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Heater Repair and Installation Services in McAllen TX

The warmth from an effective home heating system can create a cozy environment during the coldest nights of the year. Making sure that your heater receives proper maintenance and timely repairs from the licensed heating and cooling professionals at All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. will guarantee its continued efficiency and maximum performance. Having to deal with a malfunctioning heater in the dead of winter can be highly inconvenient and potentially dangerous, which is why it is important to schedule an inspection before the cold weather arrives. Our certified technicians have been providing customers in McAllen and the surrounding areas with exceptional heating services for more than 30 years—we understand that a safe and comfortable interior climate makes for a much happier home. To see what your neighbors are saying about our outstanding services, click here.

What are signs that your heater needs repairs?

  • Higher electric bills: Heating components can take a lot of abuse during the colder months of the year. Sub-zero temperatures and wind chill can make your heater work harder than normal. However, by now you should be familiar with a typical heating bill during the winter. If you notice a sudden increase in your utility bills, without a change in your usual heating patterns, it could indicate a problem. A spike in heating costs could be caused by leaking ductwork or a poor air handler. A professional inspection is certainly warranted in order to determine the cause of the issue and an effective way to resolve it.
  • Lack of consistent heat: A home heating system is measured at a specific BTU rating to provide an appropriate level of heat on a regular basis. A heater that performs well one day and is cold the next is likely a unit that is in need of repairs. More subtle signs include heat that comes and goes or performs marginally in colder temperatures regardless of how high the thermostat is raised.
  • Vibration and noise: One of the most common signs that a heater needs to be repaired is if it begins to make abnormal sounds. Loud vibrations could be a sign that bearings or belts are failing. The lack of a quality filtration system can cause fans to become dirty as well. This dirt can create a number of issues over time. Checking for subtle changes in sound as your heater starts up is important too.

What can you expect during a normal maintenance visit?

Preventative maintenance is highly important if you want your heater to last. Scheduling regular maintenance visits with our certified technicians will ensure that all the components of your heating system continue to function as they should and determine if any repairs or replacement parts are needed. During a routine inspection our specialists will make sure that your filter is clean and that internal coils are cleared of any debris. A great deal of efficiency is lost when coils or ignition ports are dirty. Other areas of maintenance will include:

  • Thermostat testing: Your thermostat will be examined to ensure that it is properly correlating with the temperature inside your home. If we receive an inaccurate reading our professionals can recalibrate the device or install a new thermostat when necessary. Perhaps you may want to upgrade to a programmable unit to provide more efficient heating throughout your home and lower your monthly utility costs.
  • Leak maintenance: Our specialist will also examine your ductwork to determine if there are any leaks. We can also provide affordable air duct replacement in the event of this issue.
  • Safety check: Our technicians will also check for loose connections as well as failed belts and bearings in order to guarantee a safe interior climate for you and your family.

How can a damaged unit affect your home?

A damaged heater will not only create an extremely uncomfortable climate in your home, but it can also affect indoor air quality and may even catch fire if not examined and repaired quickly. Poor air handler performance will diminish proper filtration and a dirty filter can cause your family to become ill. Improper connections or a poorly installed unit can result in an electrical short or other serious issues that could potentially start a fire. An inefficient heating system will cause your monthly energy bills to spiral out of control. When the temperature in your home drops significantly due to a damaged heater it can cause pipes to freeze and may eventually trigger a burst, which can eventually lead to serious floodwater damage inside your residence. If you notice any problems with your heating system it is imperative that you have them taken care of right away.

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