McAllen AC Filter Replacement Services

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AC Filter Replacement Services in McAllen TX

Does the air in your home seem a little stuffy? Perhaps your AC system isn’t putting out enough cold air? Maybe your unit seems to be making a lot of noise when it is cutting off and on. These are all common problems that go with owning an air conditioner. However, some of these issues can be prevented by having your filter replaced on a regular basis. All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. knows the importance of timely air filter replacement, not only will your air conditioner continue to function efficiently, but it will also help to ensure optimal indoor air quality. Regular air filter replacements will keep you and your family safe from harmful allergens that accumulate inside your system and are subsequently spread throughout your home. For expert air conditioner filter replacement services in McAllen and the surrounding areas, contact our certified heating and cooling professionals right away to avoid any complications. To see what your neighbors are saying about our services, click here.

When is professional AC filter replacement necessary?

You should always have any air conditioning services handled by a professional in order to ensure that the job is performed carefully and effectively. A complicated AC filter replacement process can cause damage to your system if not done properly, resulting in unneeded repairs or potentially having to replace your entire unit. Our expert technicians have the capabilities to guarantee a quick and easy replacement without any further issues. Many people are unable to access the filtering components, due to their location in the system, and will require the assistance of certified professionals. However, even if you believe your filter can be easily switched out, it is imperative that our specialists perform the service to ensure a safe replacement. Certain aspects of an air conditioning system can be highly dangerous to homeowners, which is why our caring team is here to help our valued customers in and around McAllen.

What are the benefits of regular replacement?

There are distinct advantages to having your AC filters replaced regularly. The main benefit to timely and professional AC filter replacements is that it will extend the service life of your unit. When the filter is fresh, the air quality in your home will significantly improve. A cleaner air filter also facilitates proper airflow and distribution throughout your home. Your air conditioning system is sure to function efficiently for years to come with consistent filter replacements.

How often should you have them replaced?

Filter replacement should take place often to improve indoor air quality. There is no specific time for exchanging your filter, but there are a number of outside factors that will contribute to more frequent replacements. The age of your system, the condition of the unit itself, what types of allergens are indicative of your area, and whether or not you have pets or a smoker in the house all play a significant role in how often you should replace your air filter. In a typical household your air filter should usually be replaced every 3 months to ensure optimum performance of your system, as well as to eliminate indoor pollutants. Routine checkups are highly recommended for your AC unit, and will allow our heating and cooling specialists to determine what alterations need to be made to your system.

What happens if you neglect replacement?

Neglecting the air filter can result in a number of health risks and costly repairs. Some people can experience asthma, respiratory, and allergic symptoms when the filters are not replaced frequently. Failing to switch out your filters in a timely fashion may also cause your air conditioning system to malfunction. The unit may require more frequent repairs and eventually have to be replaced because the system was overworked due to infrequent servicing. If your unit is overworked it will also increase your monthly energy costs. The filter in your air conditioning system plays an important role in how well the unit will perform, and routine maintenance inspections will help to guarantee its continued efficiency.

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