McAllen AC Repair & Maintenance Services

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AC Repair and Maintenance Services in McAllen TX

An air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery that will likely experience problems at some point. However, scheduling regular maintenance visits with our experienced technicians will help to increase the longevity of your unit. A poorly maintained air conditioner will not only become less effective over time, but it will also use more energy, which will result in a significant increase in monthly utility bills. The certified heating and cooling specialists at All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. want to help our customers in McAllen and the surrounding areas to get the most out of their air conditioning systems and ensure that unnecessary problems are avoided. Failing to schedule timely AC service visits could result in serious issues that may require the need for a replacement unit. While we do offer highly affordable installations, our caring technicians want to guarantee the continued efficiency of your air conditioning systems through our expert maintenance and repair services. To read reviews and testimonial from other customers in your area, click here.

What are some common AC problems?

  • Loss of refrigerant: If your air conditioner isn't performing effectively, it could be that the unit is losing refrigerant. A refrigerant leak can be very harmful to your family as well as the environment, so it is important to have a professional examine the problem right away.
  • Dirty filters: Dirty filters make it difficult for an AC unit to efficiently cool the air in your home. Changing or cleaning your filters regularly will help your air conditioning system to achieve an optimal level of performance.
  • Leaky ducts: As properties age, the air ducts can sometimes develop leaks. This can lead to reduced airflow and loss of AC performance.
  • Faulty thermostat: Thermostats require maintenance from time to time, and may need to be recalibrated if they are not working correctly.

What can you expect during a professional maintenance visit?

An improperly maintained air conditioner will lose efficiency over time. A buildup of dust and debris makes your unit work harder, and may cause loss of cooling, unexplained noises due to malfunctioning components, as well as decreased airflow. This leads to higher energy bills and can result in costly repairs. To make sure that you system continues to function properly at the lowest possible cost, stick to a regular maintenance schedule and have your AC unit professionally serviced at least once a year. During a routine maintenance visit the experienced heating and cooling technicians at All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. will provide a thorough inspection of your AC unit that includes:

  • Refrigerant levels: We will test your air conditioning unit for leaks. If refrigerant is leaking, it will be properly captured and legally disposed of.
  • Evaporator coils: Our technicians will clean the coils and also ensure adequate airflow, which is essential to the proper performance of your unit.
  • Electronic control sequence: Our maintenance specialists will not only clean the sophisticated electronics that ensure the optimal functionality of your AC unit, but can also tighten loose connections and apply non-conductive coating if necessary.
  • Motor maintenance: Your air conditioner’s motor must be periodically cleaned and oiled to work as intended.
  • Filter cleaning or replacement: Dirty air filters can cause a lot of problems. Our experienced heating and cooling professionals will either clean your reusable filters or replace disposable ones.

What are some common signs that your system needs to be repaired?

  • AC doesn't turn on: This usually means one of two things: either the thermostat isn’t working or the air conditioner's electronic system has failed.
  • Low airflow: This is most likely caused by a dirty filter. Another possible cause of low airflow is leaky or blocked air ducts.
  • Insufficient cooling: If your home is not reaching a desirable interior climate it may be that your system is low on refrigerant. Dirty filters or a malfunctioning thermostat could also be the cause of the problem.
  • Unpleasant noises: A noisy air conditioner should not be ignored. This usually means the fan is being blocked by debris or the motor requires lubrication.

Our licensed professional will locate the cause of the problem, determine the severity of the issue, and perform the necessary repairs. An optimally functioning air conditioning unit is essential to guaranteeing that you and your loved ones experience a comfortable interior climate throughout the warmers months of the year, and it is our job to ensure that that is exactly what you receive.

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