McAllen Clogged Toilet Repair Services

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The skilled technicians at All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. have been providing customers in McAllen and the surrounding areas with expert clogged toilet repair services for over 30 years now. We want to help your family to avoid highly destructive plumbing emergencies, by offering quick and effective solutions. If you are dealing with a difficult clog in your toilet that requires the attention of knowledgeable technicians, we are at your service. It is our guarantee that the clog will be removed safely and without further complications, so you can go back to enjoying a highly efficient unit once again. Customers can contact us by phone or through our online answering service for swift repairs. When dealing with a clogged toilet, don’t wait for the problem to get worse, get in touch with our licensed professionals right away. To read reviews and testimonials from other customers in your area on our reliable services, click here.

What causes clogged toilets?

Clogged toilets are a common occurrence for many customers in and around McAllen. There are numerous reasons for a malfunctioning toilet, which can be easily diagnosed by the professionals at All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. Our technicians recommend having a plunger available to dislodge minor clogs quickly. However, when that does not work, contacting our specialists to perform the necessary repairs will provide a swift resolution. It is important to have your toilet serviced right away upon noticing a clog in order to prevent potentially hazardous complications.

We will check the moving parts inside of your tank first to determine if something is broken, before making any repairs. In many cases our technicians will find that non-flushable items were placed in the toilet bowl, which caused a blockage within the system. Some of the most common items that we come across are baby diapers, feminine products, or paper towels that do not properly dissolve. Even heavy-duty toilet paper can cause a clog if you are not careful. Occasionally, we also find items that were accidentally lodged in the tank, such as children’s toys or toothbrushes. Being conscious of what you flush down your toilet can help to prevent clogs, but if a situation still arises our plumbing specialists are here to help.

What are professional solutions?

In extreme cases our trained plumbing technicians may actually have to detach your toilet from the floor in order to remove clogs inside the fixture or the pipes underneath your unit. However, we tend to use less invasive techniques whenever possible. Drain snaking with an auger device is an effective method to remove a difficult clog that prevents water from flowing through your pipes. This method is an efficient way to dislodge medium size clogs before flushing the toilet several times to remove excess debris. However, a toilet and sewer system may have additional problems that require a hydrojetting process to clean pipes thoroughly. Our specialists will insert a video camera in the pipe to find exactly where the clog is and what it is composed of before beginning our professional hydrojetting service. The intense stream of water produced by hydrojetting is strong enough to remove layers of debris, such as tree roots and grease, that have become lodged deep within your system.

How can you avoid future problems?

There are several ways for customers to reduce clogging in their toilets. Parents should talk to their children about proper toilet etiquette, and teach them to keep harmful objects, such as small toys, away from the bowl. At the same time, parents must never put items such as makeup pads or cleansing wipes in a toilet. To make sure there is enough water in a toilet to flush it easily, never place bricks or other items in the tank to save water. When buying bathroom tissue, check to make sure the paper dissolves easily in water to ensure that it flushes quickly. Place a wastebasket near the toilet to toss out sanitary products, diapers, and medical wipes. Also, never use a toilet to dispose of food waste like grease or vegetable peelings. Regularly scheduled service visits from your trusted plumbing team will additionally help to protect your toilet from developing stubborn clogs.

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