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Properly functioning pipes are essential to ensuring the safety of the plumbing systems in your home. As pipes begin to age and become clogged with debris, it will negatively affect the performance of several units inside your residence. Toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and even garbage disposals can all take a turn for the worse if clogs become too severe. If not taken care of quickly, serious clogs can cause pipes to bursts, create undetected water leaks, and result in major floodwater damage to your property. The professionals at All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. have been providing residents in Edinburg and the surrounding areas with quality plumbing services for over 30 years now, using our extensive knowledge and expertise to keep your home and family safe. To see what other customers in your area are saying about our services, click here.

What are some signs that you have a burst pipe?

There are several things to look for when attempting to identify if you have a burst pipe. Usually, customers report hearing dripping or spraying activity when appliances aren’t being used. A burst pipe in the wall may cause pools of water to accumulate near the source of the leak. The drywall will also become discolored if a pipe has ruptured. When the sink or shower is turned on, there may be a noticeable drop in water pressure. Your ceiling may also bulge as a result of a ruptured pipeline. The most difficult leaks to detect are those in the ceiling or floor, but through the use of professional methods like hydrostatic testing and thermal imaging our certified technicians guarantee a prompt resolution.

When are hydrojetting services necessary?

Hydrojetting performed by professional plumbing contractors extends the service life of plumbing lines in the home. The clogs usually start out small and cause very few problems in performance. Over time, the clogged pipes can slowly start to damage the sewage lines. If there are problems with root invasion in the pipelines, the roots can completely overtake the pipes and diminish water pressure. Clogs caused by the excessive buildup of sand, silt, scale, and hair cannot be removed with the traditional snaking method. When snaking ceases to work, hydrojetting may be required to free up the clogs. Hydrojetting uses streams of water at a level of 4000 pounds per square inch or higher to remove severe clogs from your pipes. The powerful stream is strong enough to clean the pipe of roots, sediment, silt, sewage, and debris that has built up over time.

What are some ways to prevent clogged drains?

Clog prevention can be accomplished by taking these simple steps. Cooking grease should always be disposed of properly, and never poured down your sink or into the toilet. Use a screen to prevent certain objects from making their way into the drain. This is especially important when washing your hair or cleaning a coffee maker in the sink. Coffee grounds can be discarded in a trash can or reused in gardening. Tossing a handful of baking soda into the drain with hot water on a weekly basis can help to cleanse the system. The hot water can free up grease and other debris before it becomes problematic.

Preventive plumbing maintenance is highly important in protecting your home against sewer line damage. Regularly scheduled inspections from our experienced team is a highly recommended precautionary measure to take advantage of. It will help to ensure minimal repairs and aid in circumventing more serious issues. Delaying service at the first sign of plumbing issues can lead to costly damage in your home, and may even compromise your available water supply.

What are some benefits to installing a water softener?

Water softening systems give households access to cleaner water that is free from from problematic minerals like calcium and magnesium. Soft water can produce a degree of savings for your home as well, as it reduces the amount of detergent required to clean clothing and will also prevent bathtubs and showers from developing an unsightly film. Hard water can cause lime to build up in showerheads and faucets, which will eventually lead to a clog. Other appliances that use water such as coffee makers may also become damaged as a result of hard water. Installing an effective water softener in your home can preserve the condition of the pipes by eliminating harmful sediment that will cause them to corrode over time.

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