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All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. has been providing customers in La Feria and the surrounding communities with one of kind services for over 30 years. It isn’t just our skill and swift precision when solving a problem that sets us apart from other plumbing companies in your area, but the way we handle ourselves when it comes to providing a pleasant and stress-free experience to our customers. Every household has different needs and specific requirements that must be met and even exceeded in order for us to feel that we have done our job correctly. Residents in and around La Feria can count on us for reliable repairs, expert installations, and in-depth maintenance inspections to ensure that your home is safeguarded against unexpected plumbing emergencies. To see what your neighbors are saying about our unbeatable services, click here.

What are some signs that you need a professional drain cleaning?

If a clog begins to form in one of the drains of your home you may start to hear bubbling sounds as water attempts to run through the obstructed pipe. Clogged drains make it difficult for homeowners to empty a sink quickly, leading to standing water that will eventually cause a foul odor in your residence. There are drains located under each sink, bathtub, and toilet in your property that often get clogged with hair and grease. When a homeowner needs to use a toilet plunger frequently to dislodge debris or is dealing with several clogged drains at once, it is time to contact our certified technicians for professional drain cleaning services. Our plumbing specialists can use a camera to pinpoint where the clog is located and determine the most effective way to dislodge it, helping to ensure that future issues are avoided.

What are signs that you need repiping services?

Older properties begin to have problems with water pipes located in walls and under sinks, as certain materials will begin to corrode. Occasionally, an entire home requires repiping to ensure that your family has a clean water supply and that you property is protected from floods. If your pipes are degrading you may notice a strange color or odor in the water that flows from your faucets. An additional indication that the pipes in your home require replacement is when water leaks start to occur. If not taken care of quickly these leaks will continue to grow, causing damage to drywall and floors.

What are some signs that you have hard water?

In many geographic areas hard water is a common problem. If you begin to notice unsightly spots on your dishes after washing them, your clothes are more difficult to clean, or your skin becomes dry and irritated after taking a shower, you likely have a hard water problem in your residence. Contacting our expert plumbing technicians to install an efficient water softener will prevent destructive mineral deposits from entering your home by filtering the water before it flows out of your fixtures. An effective water softener will help the pipes in your residence to last longer and may additionally improve the health of your family.

What are some common garbage disposal issues?

Garbage disposal systems located underneath kitchen sinks are highly convenient in helping to get rid of food debris quickly. However, these devices eventually develop problems due to age or misuse. Homeowners may notice strange noises coming from the unit caused by items that are difficult to chop, such as vegetable peelings or meat bones. Placing hard food debris in a garbage disposal can lead to the unit shutting down automatically or may cause your blades to break. This will cause a strange buzzing or grinding noise, which will indicate the need for professional repair or replacement services.

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