McAllen AC Installation & Replacement Services

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AC Installation and Replacement Services in McAllen TX

Residents is McAllen and the surrounding areas rely on their air conditioners to keep them cool and comfortable inside their homes when outdoor temperatures rise. That is why you need an honest heating and cooling specialist who can ensure that your system continues to run efficiently during even the hottest days of summer. At All Valley Plumbing & AC Co. our licensed technicians have the skills it takes to maximize your interior comfort with expert AC inspections, repairs, and installations. With over 30 years of experience in the industry we can guarantee your complete satisfaction on every job that we perform. To see what other customers are saying about our outstanding services, click here.

What are some common signs that your air conditioner needs to be replaced?

A new high efficiency air conditioner can enhance your indoor comfort when the weather turns hot and humid, but it can be challenging to determine when to replace an older system. These three main signs can indicate when it is time to invest in a new cooling solution:

  • If you have an older air conditioning system that needs a major repair or continues to undergo frequent problems it may be more economical to have a newer, highly durable, and more efficient unit installed in your property.
  • Older AC units will become less efficient over time and begin to cause a steady increase in your monthly cooling costs. Today's air conditioners will lower your energy bills, because they are far less costly to operate when compared to their older counterparts, making replacement a great investment.
  • If you are displeased with your existing air conditioner's performance, then upgrading to a brand-new unit is likely the best solution. Modern AC systems come with innovative features that adapt to your specific cooling needs, offering the ultimate in indoor comfort.

What are some signs that you need to recharge your unit’s refrigerant?

The compressor, condenser, and evaporator in your air conditioner work under pressure to turn the refrigerant from a liquid into a gas and then back into a liquid once again. As the refrigerant evaporates into gas, it pulls heat from the surrounding air. If too little refrigerant cycles through the system, performance is compromised and vital system components can fail. Signs that you need to have your refrigerant recharged include:

  • Ice on the evaporator coils: If the refrigerant level is too low, the evaporator can't extract enough heat from the air to keep the coils from freezing.
  • Intermittent operation: Too little refrigerant results in an under-pressurized compressor, which can trip the low-pressure cutout switch that keeps it from overheating.
  • Inadequate cooling: When the refrigerant charge is too low, the amount of evaporation decreases, which means that less heat is removed from the air.

What are some easy ways to lower your cooling costs?

The best way to ensure that your air conditioner continues to maintain low energy costs is to have it serviced regularly by a qualified heating and cooling professional. Preventive tune-ups include thorough inspections of every component, from the air filter to the thermostat. With regular maintenance, your AC system will last longer and require fewer repairs. Other simple ways to reduce your monthly cooling bills include:

  • Installing a programmable thermostat: These smart devices let you program your air conditioning unit to raise temperatures when you're asleep or away from home and lower them when you are in most need of a cooler interior climate.
  • Using ceiling fans: Fans create a wind-chill effect in a room that allows you to raise the thermostat setting by up to four degrees without a loss of comfort.
  • Weatherstrip windows and doors: Drafty windows and doors let hot air seep into your property and allow cold air to escape outside.

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